About Me :

Hi Every body.....I am Venkat.I am 23 years old ..As I mentioned my logo CVN  is stands for C.Venkat Narayanan.It is my full name dude I am living in Bangalore,India.I was studied my graduation BE computer science at the Anna University of Chennai and I got the degree in the summer of 2007.I have worked earlier as a  DOT Net programmer in a Private company,Chennai.

 My greatest interest are computers and especially software design. I'm also interested in various web-technologies and multimedia frameworks. Software design is interesting field, because there are always new thing to learn and discover.   I've been able to create my own projects and learn more about making software.I have done some projects in DOT Net. I am also interested in Website creations.And my another interests musics.  I am always hear some carnatic or some movie songs but I am not a singer.   I am not miss good movies.Then my another interest food.I am a pure vegetarian.I like to eat all vegetarian foods.

Most of the games if India participated I watched, particularly my interesting game Cricket and my another world Chess....  I am a champion
in my school days.

My strength is I will do the work whatever is given to me and I finish as quick as possible.  I am a  Flexible character and Open minded man.My weakness is I will get emotion without knowing myself but after I interested to learn quickly.